Zahnärzte: zurück zum Marktschreier?

Hier der Originaltext aus einer amerikanischen Zahnärzte-Diskussionsgruppe. Es berichtet ein Zahnarzt namens Bill, wie er über die Feiertage einen Bleaching Stand in einer Mall entdeckt hat. Dort konnten sich Besucher “im vorbei gehen” die Zähne für 100 US-Dollar bleichen lassen. Das Ganze dauert 20 Minuten:
“I was at the mall over the Holidays and to my surprise there were two foreign “teenagers” at a Kiosk in the middle of the mall performing “Professional Teeth Whitening.”  I saw 2 dental chairs with what seemed to be a laser light and people having the procedure done.  I did not identify myself as a dentist, but asked what they used and what the cost was.  They replied it was a 15% hydrogen peroxide gel and the light was LED.  The cost was $100 and they guaranteed professional results.
    I did not see any gloves, or other protective barriers as these procedures were being done.  Can this be?  Can people get their teeth whitened without a dentist on premises, in the middle of the mall with no sanitary guidelines to follow?  I asked the mall management and they said they agreed to let them do this and saw nothing wrong with it.  I even called my local LLR and SCDA and the answer I received was disappointing.  Basically I was told “yes, we know this is going on and we are trying to stop it through the legal system.”  Well, it has been over a week now and they are still there busier than ever “whitening” for $100.     Attatched I have a copy of their consent form.  Very interesting.  Please let me know if this is legal for those of you who know of any attorneys, and second, where is OSHA?????  If this is perfectly legal to do, then I’m in the wrong business….  They are seeing and average of 60 people a day… the procedure lasts only 20 minutes.  Nice deal if you ask me with very little overhead…”
Steve ergänzte den Text:
I saw 4 dental chairs (portable set up) at the West Palm Auto show!!!  I never thought of checking if it was a dentist doing the care???   But it was popular…… same deal, nice set up with flashy banners at the entrance to the show with other kiosks. – Steve

 und Adam:

In Vegas I have been told that at some of the largest tradeshows, there have been the same set up, non dentists, no protection, offering bleaching…they even bring in dental chairs. My wife and I are shocked that the State Boards dont get involved in this. As a group we should all do our best to prevent this as it affects our reputation and creditability.
und Mike meint:
First… OSHA is the wrong agency.  OSHA has NOTHING to do with protecting patients.  OSHA exists to protect employees from occupational hazards and injury.
It sounds like the practice of dentistry without a license to me.  I’d call the state dental board or just call the police.


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