Seven Children Hospitalized After Treatment At California Dental Clinic


Fox News (9/15) reports that seven children who visited a dental clinic in southern California have been hospitalized for oral cellulitis. The “affected children all underwent pulpotimies” at Children’s Dental Group, beginning in May. Although the source of the infections is not yet known, Dr. Eric Handler, Orange County’s health officer, said the county believes it may have to do with the water used at the clinic.

CBS News (9/15) additionally reports, “hundreds more could be tested for suspected bacterial infections,” and that the “clinic has agreed to stop performing the procedure for now.”

The Los Angeles Times (9/14, Rocha) reports the Orange County Health Care Agency said that at least one case of a Mycobacterial abscessus infection has been confirmed in one of the patients, and that the other cases are still under investigation. According to the article, “M. abscessus is found in dust, water and soil and known to contaminate medical devices.” The Times says the California Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Dental Board of California “are working with the healthcare agency to investigate the infections.”

The Orange County (CA) Register (9/14, Perkes) reports Sam Gruenbaum, CEO of the statewide chain of dental clinics, told the Register “the company is working to identify the source of infection and conduct follow-up exams on the patients who had the procedure.”

The Oral Health Topics on and provide additional information on infection control for dental professionals and for patients.

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