Gehirnabszess nach parodontaler Therapie


Ein Fallbericht über einen Gehirnabszess assoziiert mit Fusobacterium nucleatum nach parodontaler Therapie.Background Nonsurgical periodontal treatment implicates bacteraemia. In rare cases oral pathogens can be found associated with abscesses of brain or liver Case Description A brain abscess was found in a patient after several periodontal treatments causing neurological seizures. In the drain masses of Fusobacterium nucleatum were found. An oral examination revealed a severe periodontally damaged dentition. The woman had been in a generally healthy condition before the event. After neurosurgical treatment and intravenous antibiotic therapy the patient fully recovered. In order to eradicate any possible focus of inflammation, several teeth had to be extracted. Clinical Implications This case report implicates that also patients without particular need for antibiotic prophylaxis can be at risk of developing a brain abscess caused by bacteraemia after periodontal treatments. weiter

Woelber JP, Kruse A, Hanna G, Ermer M, Beringer A, Ratka-Krueger P.

Swiss Dent J. 2016;126(10):921-927. French, German.


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